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10K Cloud Consultants scaling together to make the world a better place


I spent 8 years running a Cloud Consulting business whilst living with a chronic disease.

Did I have ‘learnings’ – you bet. 

But I did get one thing right – yep


Having spent 18 years at Coca-Cola, I learnt the power of the partners ( bottlers) sharing best practise about sales and delivery whist the brand owner focused on marketing and product. 

The model applies directly to SaaS, with less sugar and physical assets thankfully. 😉

I set up the global partner community for Copper CRM. 

I set up a global community called the sales machine for getting leads off Linkedin.

Both helped to scale and exit our Cloud Consulting business to a google partner in late 2019. 

The same year I got a life saving kidney transplant from a close mate. 

With a second chance and more time, I am passionate about giving back through the CCC.

I always wanted to learn what other platform partners were doing to scale.

Sometimes you have to bring your dreams to reality. 

Come check it out for free and see if my reality can help you scale.

By joining the only dedicated cross platform community you will get:

What type of questions will I expect to get answered?

Sales Calls
Sales Funnels
Social Media
Payment System
Staff Requirement
Working With Vendor AE's
Effective Memos
Business Models
Escaping Delivery

Is this for you?

If you are an owner of a Cloud/SaaS Consulting Business who is:

Leading a team of <20 staff
Ambitious to scale
Open to sharing



“Thanks to everyone, looks like Wise is a perfect fit for international payment. Paul Higgins your community just helped us a lot!”

Bastien Siebman,

iDO – Asana Solution Partner


What time expectations are there of me?

There is no hard or fast answer to this question. You use it as you need it.
We get you are busy so we like to keep it simple and hassle-free.
You will get what you put in.

Why is it free?

We wanted to remove barriers to joining the community. Paul has other ways of making money and he truly wanted to create something he wished he had when he was scaling his Cloud Consulting Business.

Who are the Members?

Owners of Cloud Consulting Businesses from around the world who speak English. They support platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Hubspot, Zoho, Copper, Monday, Asana, ClickUp – I think you get the picture.
They are typically from corporate who built their consulting business out of a love to help others.
They have ambitions to scale and typically have teams of less than 20 people.
They get the power of the community and give of themselves freely.

What platform do you use?

We use Slack. A free plan.

What happens when I first join?

You will be given access to slack and will watch some short videos in getstarted in slack.
You will receive three emails. Two giving you assets you can take and implement to gain immediate traction.
A third inviting you to a 1 on 1 call with Paul so he can be more specific in helping you.

What happens if it is not for me?

No prob. Try it out and if it is not for you, DM Coni our community manager and we will remove you and wish you the best of luck!